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Orals mmd

External : Dont kno his name, Internal : Sinha
Function :3
1. what is metacentric height, how to calculate, inclining experiment, free surface effect, statical stability and dynamical stability and how to calculate KB ?
2. What is the purpose of docking plug, draw it. What are the materials of construction, why lid plate is there and why it is welded from inside and why plog is frm outside and what is the material of the grommet..?
3. Regulations for oil record book(part -1)? Which annex does product tanker follow? What all things recorded in cargo record book? Type of emergency respnose plan i had on ship? How many RECORD BOOKS i had on ship (orb-1, orb-2, CRB, GRB, and dont forget to mention ODS record book).
4. What is high pressure and low pressure co2 fire fighting system? Explain high pressure co2 system, volume and mass of co2 in pilot bottles in pnematic cutter type system, how master selector valve is opened, which type of valve is it, what is the time delay in system and why it is there and how much, what is emergency release arrangement, explain whole procedure for discharging co2 assuming that you are chief engineer..?
5. Draw and explain transverse type double bottom tank constrcution, what is margin plate, atleast two functions of margin plate, what is solid floor, why hoes are there in it, bracket floor, what are STRUTS, what are the names of two bars in bracket floor..?

Function : 4B
1. what is steam trap, why it is used, what will happen if not used, explain construction, how many types of steam traps are there..??
2. what is bumping clearnce in air compressor, why it is called so, would it increase with time or decrease, how to adjust it in tandem type, why not adjusted by using metal shims in palm end connection, effects of increased clearance, what was the value og bumping clearnace on ur compressor..?
3. Types of indicator cards, purpose if each, draw all diagrams on single ordinate and absicssa with timing diagram for 2 stroke engine, which diagram suggests error in ir indicator instrument, how to take atmospheric line, what is 90 deg in phase and 90 deg out of phase, draw paower card and draw card at a situation when you are taking card and engine tripped on some mechanical trip? what will be the maximaum pressure you vil get then..?
4. air starting line, safeties on it, start air explosion, what is regulation for bursting disc and flame arrestors? what starting arrengement on auxiliary engines? why not air kick started? what extra precautions to be observed when one cylinder's air starting valve islotaed in main engine..?
5. scavenge fir, reasons, action to be taken when passage thru a narrow seaway, what if major fire takes place, what extinguishing arrangements i had, how to use that?
6.How to cut off a fuel pump ? why not cut off by closing fuel inlet valve to that cylinder..?
7. why 2stroke engines for propulsion and 4stroke engines for power generation..?

Function : 5
1. what is reverse power trip? how it is tested ? what are the settings ? how is the setting adjusted? why we use reverse power trip and not reverese current trip..?
2. megger, what are the safeties on megger, why insulation resistance measured every month and not just once, what is steady state temperature and hot spot temperatur of a insulation class..?
3. thyristor, draw a simple circuit usking thyristor, applications of thryistor, i said cycloconvertor, so he asked what is cycloconvertor, and how does it work..?
4. what are space heaters, why they are there, what is the other name for space heaters, where al u hav seen it., suppose if earth fault alarm came in ecr and it was due to space heater in emergency generator, how would u go about detection and clearance of earth faut..?
5. shore suppy connection box, where is it, what all is there ( dont forget to mention dataplate), how it is earthed, what if phase sequence is wrong, how to correct it..?

Function : 6
1. how would u come to kno that hydrphore air charaging has to be done, and how would u do dat..?
2. assume a refrigerating plant has no refrigerant and no oil, nothing,...start from the beginning that how vil u go about charging refrigerant and oil, how would u come to kno air is in system, how to remove that, how vil u kno dat it has been removed..(he wanted to listen exact method so i told him that carry on pumping down, close condenser inlet valve, coolin water at ful flow, when cw inlet and outlet temp becum equal, see what is the condensing pressure and frm compressor suction gauge find out saturation temp at that corresponding condensing pressure, if it is equal to cw temp then it means air has been removed..he was impressed by this ans..)
3. what is differnce between valve rotocap and spinner and why rotocap on auxilairy engines and spinners on main engines..what is the driving force in both of them..maintenance and parts of valve rotocap..?
4. what is reamer, have u ever seen it, what al u can do with it, what is its use in rivetting, ??
5. crankcase inspection of auxilairy engine, what is pinching of connecting rod, elongation gauge's use for measuring bottom end bearing bolts, LO tests ( all five with name anf how pensky martin test carried out )..
6. How to raise steam from cold in a auxilairy boiler after major repair...what all prestarting checks u vil make (dont forget to mention that safety valve gag tool has been removed and vent valve is open), how much water vil u take initilay anf finaly, what initial fo pressure has to be set, for how much time intermittent firing has to be carried out..what check vil u make at vent valve before closing it...??
17/5/12 orals CBD BELAPUR
surveyor int BARIK ext bald old man no idea abt name

fun 3
1. type of ur ship?
2. deck fire fighting system? (mine is foam so asked abt duration also)?
3. for wat ships sewage annx apllicable?
4. for wat ships garbage applicable?
5. annex 6 for wat kind of ships? wat is TIER 1,2,3 in NOx? which tier is apllicable now?
7. wat is collision bulkhead? wat is the difference betw collison and normal bulkhead?
8. draw fwd part of ship showing collision bulkd and double bottom? and say wat is continous?
9. ISM? doc for whom? SMC for whom? to get smc for ur ship wat u should satisfy?
10. wat r the certificates on borad regarding stability?
11. wat r the certificates on board regarding fire prevention?
12. wat is fire control plan? location? wat will be in tat plan?
13. safeties in IG and exp abt PV valve and PV breaker?
14. name of bukhead which is seperating engine room and pump room?
15. dicharge criteria for engie room bilges? wat is diution form of 15ppm?
16. why light get scattered only in oil in ODM of OWS?

fun 4b
1. type of engine i worked?
2. wat is MC-C ? if C is compact wat is compact?
3. wat is MARK 7?
4. i worked on MAN engine but he asked In R&D engine how cam shaft & crankshaft connected?
5. How will u care L.O of main engine on board?
6. wat r the on board test for lube oil?
7. crank case inpection of main engine?(too much cross que in tat)
8. If crosshead bearing clearance is more can u run the engine in normal load? 4s engine if compression stress acts on connecting rod wat stress acts on connecting rod bolts?
10. wat are all the indicator cards taken? in your point of view which card is to be taken first?
11. if ships use shaft generator on rough weather conditons fluctuation in engine rpm occurs...but for generators we need constant how u will achieve this in shaft gen? drw dig of it?
12. explain abt shaft grounding? why we r having tat?

fun 6 
1. wat are checks in con rod of 4s engine? how to find connecting rod ovality?
2. if ovality occursin con rod which part will affects first bottom end bearing or bolts or crank pin?
3. if ovality occurs stress occurs in con rod bolts increases or decreases or same?
4. wat is the pressure setting of fuel valve of main engine?
5. how to set the fuel p/p timing of main engine?
6. wat is slide type fuel v/v in main engine? is it present in ur engine? (he expected 0% sac volume)
7. wat r the checks in chain case?
8. if OMD alarm comes in ur watch wat is ur action?

fun 5
1. types of starters? explain each?
2. where u will use auto transformer starter?(needs more point in tat?)
3. diff betw explosion proof and intrinsic safe equipment?
4. wat is IP no on motor? it has a single, two or three digit no?
5. wat in insulation class? why is it required?
6. types of batteries and electrolytes in batt? specific gravity of tat?
7. safeties in batt room?
and few more que in electircal i dont remember tat....finally he gave only fun5....
had a bad luck to have these hectic que...
‎7th April Kolkatta
Internal – Das
External- No Idea

Introduce Yourself ( Again after doing the same)
Started with NO IDEA for 1st 2 questions were some definitions had never heard before. 
What is Horn of the Ship.
Bilge Keels uses, construction,reason.
How do u know the ship is stable, Define Metacentric Height,
Why free board of Tanker is lesser that other ships.
Define PV Valve ,Functions, How many P Valves u had on ur ships, How many cargo Tanks( Answered 7 PV Valves and 14 Tanks) Then question why half the number of PV Valves than Tanks.
How does a PV Valve work at day and night does it work the same way if not what ‘s the difference(Took some time to answer this in morning the temperature of the atmosphere and sea ‘s much much higher than at night so in morning due to high ttemperature there ‘s generation of vapour at this temp leading to high pr inside tanks and PV Valves work to relive them, though at night the temp falls and it works to relive vaccum in Tanks ,,,,,,, was happy with the answer said nice)
Draw Mast Riser, How is Mast Riser connected to all tanks, How is the Vapour Emitted from Mast Riser how is the Pressure given to the vapours.


Tempeature of Engine cooling water rises , reason’s.
What is Boiler Blow Down , How do u do it and How do u know that the Blowdown is Finished.
What is single pass, Double Pass and Triple Pass
Draw It..
What Cooler u had for Piston Cooling. What is it For jacket.Materials for both Tube and Plate Type.
Why Plate type for Jacket and Tube Type for Fresh Water.
What is Peak Pressure, How do u calculate it.
How do u calculate power of engine.
Draw Power card.
Had earlier used the formula IP = PLAN/60000 he asked where does that 60000 come from and what is that.
That’s all I remember in this section.


Single Phasing.
How do u take an Incoming A/E on load. How is voltage regulated of the same and how is the frequency adjusted.what happens when u use the speed droop setting of the governor.
Constructional difference between A.C and D.C motor and working.
While using E/R Crane power fails what will happen to the load attached.
How does the same happen.
Purifier Motor Rotates in the opposite direction.Reasons.
Insulation Breaakdown..(That’s all I Remember again)

Function – 6
Clearence of Bottom End Bearing A/E.How do u take it , values( Had answered this one correctly but din say the isolation of A/E so they were not happy with the answer) 
Lowering of Piston in Liner Procedure.
Suction of REF Compressor Iced up Reasons.
Removal of Air from Ref Compressors.
Function of Evoporator Bulb and how does it work.
Define Super Heat.
‎7th April Kolkatta
Internal – Das
External- No Idea

Introduce Yourself ( Again after doing the same)
Started with NO IDEA for 1st 2 questions were some definitions had never heard before. 
What is Horn of the Ship.
Bilge Keels uses, construction,reason.
How do u know the ship is stable, Define Metacentric Height,
Why free board of Tanker is lesser that other ships.
Define PV Valve ,Functions, How many P Valves u had on ur ships, How many cargo Tanks( Answered 7 PV Valves and 14 Tanks) Then question why half the number of PV Valves than Tanks.
How does a PV Valve work at day and night does it work the same way if not what ‘s the difference(Took some time to answer this in morning the temperature of the atmosphere and sea ‘s much much higher than at night so in morning due to high ttemperature there ‘s generation of vapour at this temp leading to high pr inside tanks and PV Valves work to relive them, though at night the temp falls and it works to relive vaccum in Tanks ,,,,,,, was happy with the answer said nice)
Draw Mast Riser, How is Mast Riser connected to all tanks, How is the Vapour Emitted from Mast Riser how is the Pressure given to the vapours.


Tempeature of Engine cooling water rises , reason’s.
What is Boiler Blow Down , How do u do it and How do u know that the Blowdown is Finished.
What is single pass, Double Pass and Triple Pass
Draw It..
What Cooler u had for Piston Cooling. What is it For jacket.Materials for both Tube and Plate Type.
Why Plate type for Jacket and Tube Type for Fresh Water.
What is Peak Pressure, How do u calculate it.
How do u calculate power of engine.
Draw Power card.
Had earlier used the formula IP = PLAN/60000 he asked where does that 60000 come from and what is that.
That’s all I remember in this section.


Single Phasing.
How do u take an Incoming A/E on load. How is voltage regulated of the same and how is the frequency adjusted.what happens when u use the speed droop setting of the governor.
Constructional difference between A.C and D.C motor and working.
While using E/R Crane power fails what will happen to the load attached.
How does the same happen.
Purifier Motor Rotates in the opposite direction.Reasons.
Insulation Breaakdown..(That’s all I Remember again)

Function – 6
Clearence of Bottom End Bearing A/E.How do u take it , values( Had answered this one correctly but din say the isolation of A/E so they were not happy with the answer) 
Lowering of Piston in Liner Procedure.
Suction of REF Compressor Iced up Reasons.
Removal of Air from Ref Compressors.
Function of Evoporator Bulb and how does it work.
Define Super Heat.
That’s all Again were some more but that ‘ s all can remember as of now.
Belapur 11/05/2012

Fn 3
Name particular certificates pertaining to lng carrier
Draw the tank structure
What is the thickness of primary membrane and secondary membrane
Thickness of corrugation of cargo tanks
How to inspect primary and secondary barrier
The materials of tank,membrane,insulation are different then how to u join them
How the tank was supported
If the secondary barrier is also ruptured then what to do
How to detect any leak into the membranes
What is iepp
Amendments to anx 6. Why anx 6 was regulated . it is applied to the ship as well as industry, then who takes care that regulation is followed for ship and for industry
Define flag state and port state inspection
In india who takes port state inspection

Fn 4b and 6
Dg decarb
Removal of con rod
Why 2 inlet valves
Draw the rocker arm arrangement to operate both the valves simultaneously
Why 2 springs
Types of HX
Which is better?
Prepare one plate type HX for cleaning
Which fluid will u open first while u bring other cooler in line and the reason for it
Draw the boiler
How many fin elements were there
If some fin elements are leaking the how will u detect it
How will u plug it
Full fuel ckt for boiler
Why the boiler had rotary cup burner
Explain turn down ratio
Why at start the air damper after pre purge cycle not closed fully
How much was the pre and post purge time. Can u change that and how to find the min amount of purge time(there is no manual)
Why there is ignition transformer
What is the gap between the electrode of pilot burner
Why tis gap is provided and why this gap is small
How much flame eye.
Draw gear pump and explain working
Draw jcw system
The line from the expansion tank enter to the suction side or discharge side of the jcw pump and explain the reason for that
What is npsh and define it
Why turbochargers are not water cooled nowadays
During the round one unit of a/e is hot at crankcase door what is the immediate action
What was the flooding system and how much discharge it should give
Working of the system
How will u test the oil valve of the ows
Bilge pump not taking suction what are the the line has small holes so air entering the system and suction is lost . how will u determine the leak.
Fn 5
Fire alarm,sensors working and testing
Draw the refer ckt
How defrosting is carried out and at what points is defrosting done
If the veg room temp has reached and still the system is cooling what is the reason
If in the above case solenoid valve is faulty then how will u come to know. Your solenoid tester is also fucked up now what
Draw dol starter
Values of voltage for main and control circuit
Now modify the circuit for refer motor
What is lo differential trip and how it fuctions .explain with diagram
What is single phasing and how to avoid it
The olr is provided on one phase or all phases
What is thermal imaging
Routine checks on MCC .
In msb there is written no1 and no2 pump what does this signify

this is what i can remember.....
oral CBD Belapur
11th may 

don't know the surveyor's name

1. how u'll remove journal bearing of main engine.
2. generator engine , air compressor, boiler, purifiers, pumps.... routines
3. safeties in air compressor.
4. stuffing box.
5. can we use asbestos on ship?
6. indicator diagrams.... deeply.
7.valve timing diagram of naturally aspirated and supercharged engines ( 4-stroke)
8. ........a type of paint he asked..... never heard of it's name before ..don't remember
9. load line and tonnage marks.
10. how often you check generator engine's holding down bolts?
11. at what rpm purifier runs?
12. peak pressure and compression pressure of your main engine.
13. grt, nrt, light displacement, displacement, dwt.
14. can a purifier purifies an oil of specific gravity more than 1?
15. diffrence between the top bowl disc of a purifier from that of clarifier.
16. average value, rms value, active power, reactive power
17. how an inductiom motor starts, working principle.
18. explain alternator of your ship.
19. explain brushless type alternator.
20. what is thermister.
21. what is thyrister.
22. what is diode.
23. explain what is controller..... giving example of any.
24.which is the 10th chapter of solas?
25. give the name of any other pollution prevention convention, other than marpol.
26. isps
27. certificates issued under ISM.
28. what are the resposibilities of the ship under isps code.
29. marpol annextures.
30. what chapter 11 of solas is about?

MUMBAI MMD,11th may

fun 3
cross section of ur ship
fixed fire fightin system
10 yearly maintenance on co2 system
type of lifeboat,davit ,capacity,liferafts
important checks on lifeboat as engineer detail
fun 4b&6
how a hydraulic exhaust v/v works
causes for burning of exhaust v/v
scavenge fire in ur watch wat ll u do
turbo charger surging wat & reasons
crankshaft deflection
wat is the reason if deflection is more
boiler mountings
boiler survey preparation
blow down procedure
gauge glass blow down procedure
referigeration circuit
charging of ac compressor
how electricity is generated onboard
wat precautions u ll take before working on live swichboard
MSB safeties
battery charging methods
hw to test emergency generator at sea
hw ll u escape if u r in bottom platform if a blackout happens
wat ll be there in emergency exit
belapur 11th may 
internal wankhede
external fraklin
psc fsc diff in dem.
seq surveyas 
surveyor wht u wil check in emg gen. nd fire pump.
wht places emg supply is given(dont know wht he want 2 hear jst kept sayin aur)
iopp survey wht u wil check?(xplained complete oily water sep. bt instead of saying oil content monitorin sys. i said oil monitoring device .
fucked up 4 dis)
how wil u start ig on manual nd put it on auto
nd many more in safety.
fun 5
wht else electric motor is called?
hw insulation is checked(told abt meeger bt he told its a general method sumthng else)
types of fuses 
hw wil u check where earthin has taken place..(told bt again its a general method sumthng else)
fun 4b nd 6 
overhauling of centrifugal p/p
preparin of settling tk 4 in correct seq.
he ws askin abt a ring in centrifugal p/p nt remember d name
crankacase inspection whr u check d metal particles (right side ya left side)
cyl. hd overhauling
nd many more only dis much i remember bombardment of que.
checked tar book completly.
mmd mumbai , cbd bela pur...
11 may...
dont kw name of surveyor....

function 3
specification of ur ship....
margine line...
use of it..
load line...
basic defination of gt.. nt..dwt....
marpol aneex 1 brfly explain...
most imp... annex 7... ballast water management... 
new ammemndment....

function 4b..
valve time dig of 4 stk..
starting line... safety..
superchaging/ t/c...
advt nd dis advt of t/c...
electric governor.... operation... 
c/c inspection../ defection./ checks

fun 5
criteria for parrelling of two gen..
reverse pwe trip..
maint.. on gen...
safety on msb..
checks on gen... 
if voltage is nt producing....act to tak,,,
fun 6
main brg clearance two method..
ohalv of gen engine... checks on pistion.. c/r../ c/shaft/...
ovality of crank pin.... nd check on gaudgan pin...
trueness of inside micrometer...
removal of main eng linear.. process....
oral date 07/05/12
annex V, garbage management plan, special areas, categories of garbage
ISM comes in which chapter of solas, content, certificates
emergency generator, location, starting methods, emer supply to what all m/c n equipments.
emergency fire p/p, location
fixed fire fighting system on my ship
fire plan, location, content
sopep, contents
p/p room lighting
collision bulkhead,
metacentric height, angle of loll
boiler safeties
ship security alarm

function 5
megger, how will u check insulation of motor
working of induction motor
lenz law

function 4b n 6
g/glass blowdown
crank case inspection, reasons for contamination of oil
const. press n pulse type t/c diff.
why const press used in main engine.
why temp increases in exhaust manifold.
cyl l.o n c/case l.o. diff, TBN of m/e clo, why clo not used in 4-s engine
reasons for short cycling
prfr desludging with dia
in centrifugal p/p why disc v/v is shut before starting
difference in stresses of 2-s n 4-s con rod
what precautions will u take before doing any maintenance on m/e 
oral belapur
10th may
internal. Wankhede

1. What is safety on IG line
2 what is used to prevent the back flow from cargo tanks
3. Where u have read bout the regulation of IG
4. Have u ever followed lsm code onboard
5 under which chapter ism code comes
6. Automatic life raft lauching
7. Wat is the o2 percentage acc. To rule....( i told 5... He told all others hv said 8... Bt he told 5 is rite ans.)
@ e/r bilges pump out... N regulation

1. Types of bearing in main engine.. Hw lubrication is done
2 how fuel p/p works
3 draw gear pupm n explain
4.TBN differnce of 2stroke n 4 stroke
5. Reversing of engine

1. Wat is starter
2 dol starter... Y fuse n overload relay is used in it
3 y megger used for insulation not multimeter
4. Power factor... Whr its value lie toward 1 or not

1.boiler blow down
2.wat types of valve used
3 tappet clearance, whr we take on tdc 1 or tdc 2
4. oil charging of compressor..compressor shld be in start or stop condition
5. Diff. B/w Venting of ac compressor and air compressor.
6. Wat u inspect from scavenge space... Can u see top of crown.. What is burning on crown
7. How to take butt,radial & axial clearnce... Wat is effect if they increase or decrease, will butt clearnace change if liner wears.


Wankhede Sir (Internal) / Bhadwal Sir (External)

Function 3 (SSEP)

Draw propeller shaft. (Strictly propeller shaft only)
How is torque transmitted from propeller boss to shaft?
Why is key provided on shaft?
How much minimum area should be in contact between boss & taper? How is the same ensured?
How is a keyless propeller's position located on the taper?

Which ships have actual ETA equipments provided?

What are stabilisers?
Which ships are provided with them?
Why are they provided?

Draw rudder carrier bearing.. And related questions.. (Didn't ask me about rudder carrier bearing but many candidates were asked)

3rd may cbd belapur mr.badwal and mr.das
fun 3
wat u know abt annex 1 of marpol 
wat is isps code explain levels and wat is level 3 impose on shipboard operation
draw mid ship CS of ur ship and explain all terminology
wat is sheer and camber
EEDI and SEEMP and wat it impose on ship and ship building(energy efficiency design index and ship energy efficiency management plan reduction in co2 and best managment of fuel consumption and ghg emission)check imo for more details
bunkering procedure in detail
various chapters of solas and wat r the chap redefined into separate codes
various certificates carried on board
various safeties in lifting equipment and cranes
draw manuv diagram of MAN B&W engine and explain how reversing takes place 
draw indicator diagram power card weak spring diagram and explain various faults this dia indicates
draw diagram wen this cards are not properly taken
how will u calculate power using this diagram
various safety in ref and ac system and draw a plant that ur familiar explain all components 
how will u refill a ref in the plant and wat safety u will follow 
how will u remove moister (he was very much concenrd abt the safety of personal and recovery bottle and its use )
crankcase explosion in detail and preventive measures and course of action during an odm alarm
types of ac motors 
working principle of 3phase induction and synch motor
single phasing and its effect and preventing measures
types of transformers and principle of operation
checks and maintnence of alternator
usage of megger and its principle
usage of multimeter for testing plc
main engine decarb preperation in detail concerning safety of personnel and ship 
aux eng decarb fully in detail

ext gave 4 but int asked some questions
wat is weak link and how liferaft inflate
boiler backfire(furnace blow back ) causes event and measures to prevent during banking of boiler
screwd up with the following question
how will u check main brng clearance for aux engine wat particular angle u prefer and y that angle is important
how will u check crank pin ovality and how u will ascertain ur results are right
3rd may cbd belapur mr.badwal and mr.das
fun 3
wat u know abt annex 1 of marpol 
wat is isps code explain levels and wat is level 3 impose on shipboard operation
draw mid ship CS of ur ship and explain all terminology
wat is sheer and camber
EEDI and SEEMP and wat it impose on ship and ship building(energy efficiency design index and ship energy efficiency management plan reduction in co2 and best managment of fuel consumption and ghg emission)check imo for more details
bunkering procedure in detail
various chapters of solas and wat r the chap redefined into separate codes
various certificates carried on board
various safeties in lifting equipment and cranes
draw manuv diagram of MAN B&W engine and explain how reversing takes place 
draw indicator diagram power card weak spring diagram and explain various faults this dia indicates
draw diagram wen this cards are not properly taken
how will u calculate power using this diagram
various safety in ref and ac system and draw a plant that ur familiar explain all components 
how will u refill a ref in the plant and wat safety u will follow 
how will u remove moister (he was very much concenrd abt the safety of personal and recovery bottle and its use )
crankcase explosion in detail and preventive measures and course of action during an odm alarm
types of ac motors 
working principle of 3phase induction and synch motor
single phasing and its effect and preventing measures
types of transformers and principle of operation
checks and maintnence of alternator
usage of megger and its principle
usage of multimeter for testing plc
main engine decarb preperation in detail concerning safety of personnel and ship 
aux eng decarb fully in detail

ext gave 4 but int asked some questions
wat is weak link and how liferaft inflate
boiler backfire(furnace blow back ) causes event and measures to prevent during banking of boiler
screwd up with the following question
how will u check main brng clearance for aux engine wat particular angle u prefer and y that angle is important
how will u check crank pin ovality and how u will ascertain ur results are right
17.05.2012 CBD BELAPUR.
surveyor - Mr.Sameer Narayan, Mr.Saini.
1. Wot is MOB marker, how much it weighs.? how it differs from other lifebuoys.?
2. How will u calculate no. of co2 bottles for engine room.?
3. Explain ISPS n lot of cross qtns.?
4. GRT, NRT.?
5. Garboard strake, freeing port.?
6. Immersion suit.? how much on board.?
14 may 
oral belapur
surveyor--barik and neti
fn 3 and 4b
ships particular
1) lightweight,deadweight,grt,nrt
2)fixed fire fighting system
3)ig system safeties
4)fixed foam system
5)annex 6
6)how sox is generated in m/e?,what is illeffect of sox?
7)why sox content is more in globally than in seca ?
8)what is ism,document issued under this code and validity?
which one is issued to company?
9)if company doesn't have ship then doc can issued to it or not?
10)disharge criteria for pumping out e/r bilges in special area and oustide
special area &what is diff in both?
fn 4b
1)m/e starting air system interlocks?
2)what is reversing interlock?
3)how reversing is done in m/e?
4)draw the fuel cam?
5)piston ring purpose,clearances,how they are taken?
6)why piston ring is coated and what is matl of that?
7)air compr safeties,what is decompression in air compr?
8)draw ref system for meat room and fish room?
9)hp cut out,reason for hp cut out.
Chennai MMD,
Ext surveyor: Mr. Balasubramaniam sir, 
Int surveyor: Mr. Sirish sir.
Function 3:
what is class A division,
Explain the fire control plan,
DCP Extinguisher working, function of vent holes in the cap,
Define special area,
Annex 1 discharge criteria in special area,
Oil Record Book entries,
Garbage discharge regulations,
What does Bilging a compartment means,

Function 4B,
What is overload rating of the main engine,
How much time, an engine can run in overload,
What will happen if it continues to run in overload,
Indicator cards and how to find faults from indicator cards,

Function MET:
What are high voltage systems,
Reverse power trip,
MSB Safeties,
Lead acid batteries maintenance,
Alkaline Battery maintenance

Function MEP:
Checks that are done in a dismantled centrifugal pump,
how shaft trueness is affected,
how to check the trueness of the shaft,
belapur....9th MAY....
some of the questions i remember......

function 3
1.tell me about SOLAS and MARPOL in brief
2.what are new regulations for CO2.? will u design a life boat?...which factor will u consider while doing so?...(and creoss questioning)
4.draw elavation and plane of tank arrangament in ur ship...
5.what is double hull structure..?...what is difference beten double hull and DB tank arrangement.....?

function 4b
1.draw air starting line....explaine........hat causes air to distributer shut off when run command is given..? drive is provided to air distributter...?
3.draw air starting it is fitted on cyl head?
4.draw propeller shaft.
5.propeller mounting procedere.
6.draw pintle less rudder..
what prevents rudder stock from falling? load of rudder is taken..? ....(i said rudder carrier bearing..he said draw it.)
7.draw liner....

function 5.
1.what is electrical supply in accommodation are....?(110 single phase).....draw arrangement ho to convert it from 440 v 3 phase.
2.explain in detail how A.C induction motor works,how DC motor works..?
3.what is armature reaction?...what arrangement is provided to control it...?
4.what tests r carried out on ac induction motor...?.....what is acceptable value of IR
5. MSBD safety

function 6.
1. crank case inspection... will u confirm that air starting valve is not leaking during ur watch....
3.jacket ater temperature going down...what is the reason....?
badwal pet qns....
1. propeller shaft.
2. starting air diagram.
3. how will air supply to the main engine will stop for starting when the engine starts to run.
3. loop scavenging and uniflow scavenging
4. A.C motor and D.C motor ( Farade's left hand rule )
5. how to convert 440V to 220V form 3 phase to single phase.
6. synchronoscope
7. Piston ring clearance(butt clearance, radial clearance, axial clearance)
prep this n go...i bet u ll get min 2 functions.....regards...:)
orals on 07/05/2012
Function 3b
1. Draw the midship section of a double hull tanker? Explain each construction in detail? What is the minimum size of the wing tank? 
2. Draw the load line or plimsole mark, name the markings and dimension? What is the purpose?
3. Which fixed firefighting system onboard? Co2 or water mist system? Explain sprinkler system in details (pressure, type of pump manual operation, location)?
4. What checks are made on firefighting and lifesaving equipment? Saturday routines. 
5. Describe annex VI briefly? Who approves sewage treatment plant, how this regulations are made, what test are made? What will decide the rate of flow in discharging the sewage OBD?
6. What is ISM code, what certificates are issued under this code?
7. What is ISPS code (full form) when it came into force, what certificates? Who were your DPA, CSO, and SSO? What are their responsibilities (each of them) where is their name posted?
8. What are security levels, how these were maintained onboard? Your responsibilities?
9. What is IMDG and IBC code? What certificates are issued under these codes?
10. In which chapters of SOLAS and Annexures of MARPOL do IBC and IMDG code related?
Function 4
1. Compressors PV diagram? How work done is reduced? Why intercooler? How do you calculate work done?
2. How to blow down boiler? Why to reduce chloride content? What will happen after blow down? Effect of chloride content on boiler? Normal range? How it is decided?
3. Properties of lubricating oil? What is de emulsifying property of oil? Main engine- type of oil?
4. What type of pump for main engine lubricating oil? Why centrifugal pump? What was the pressure – discharge of pump and entry into engine? How oil is circulated?
5. How crosshead is lubricated? What type of lubrication? What is the pressure for crosshead lubrication?
6. Explain plate type of heat exchanger? Advantage over shell and tube type? Why drain and air vent is provided on heat exchanger?
7. Why prepurging is done in boiler? What is blowback?
Function 5
1. What are the alternator routines? How air gap is checked?
2. Starting of induction motor?
3. What is single phasing? What happens to the motor? What are the causes?
4. What happens in earth fault? Testing of earth fault? What is meggar? draw it and explain? 
5. How insulation is tested in motor? How terminals are connected? Where insulation tester is connected in motor? Draw it?
6. Safeties observed in battery room? What checks are done on batteries?

Function 6
1. Prepare main engine for maneuvering? State everything? What will you check during blow through or why blow through is done? How does water or oil come?
2. Safeties on boiler?
3. Defects in welds? How does it happen? Measures to avoid?
4. How oil is circulated in piston? From where does oil come? Shaker and cocktail effects? At what piston position happens?
5. IG cutouts? How back pressure is prevented in IG?
6. What will you do after oil mist alarm sounds during your watch?
7. Safeties on MAIN ENGINE panel? State different safe pressures and temperatures in main engine?
8. After complete overhaul of DG lubricating oil pressure drops suddenly what may be the reasons?
14:05:2012 surveyor : ashish wankhade and 1 budda
fn 4(b) motor general 
:1)hydrodynamic lubrication vs hydrostatic
2)boiler mountings
3)vit-why it is used?
4)types of turbocharger and 2 adv and disadvantages of each

fn 6 mep
1)generator unit opening
2)steering flat erratic vibrations,wht may be reasons
3)what will u first inspect at drydock?

feedback frm surveyor:todha aur padhai karo,good luck for next time.
i didnt answered hydrostatic lub,missed 2 or 3 mountings,dint ans. adv of pulse type
in mep i missed scav and exh conn.,tool to keep cyl liner intact,dont knw dry dock first inspection.
result fail
17/05/2012 Belapur
Function 3
Internal Barik External dont know his name
external's questions
1.who issues DOC and SMC and validity and to whom it is issued.
3. which is continuous tank top or bulkhead??
4. what is special about collision bulkhead and where it is placed..
5. wht is the differences in life boat and rescue boat.
6. GRT NRT displacement.
7 wht does PSC inspector checks on ship..
8 wht do u check in keyless propeller when it is removed in dry dock just after inspection and how will u make sure that it is fitted properly.
9.wht do u knw abt sox limitations and if u have fuel of only 3.5% sulphur content, is it possible for u to enter seca area? i told him exhaust gas cleaning system he wanted the chemical reaction also.
10. how will u tranfer bilges step by step procedure and what all records u record in Oil record book and from where u will get the positions and why positions are required and how will u come to knw that u r nt in special area.
then he told me to wait oustside
when again thy called me 
barik asked few questions
wht is diff between cargo and passenger ship
wht r the requirements to pump out bilges in special area.
for which all ships annex 4 applies.
where do u find ur duties on board.
wht all is there in SMS manual.
what is the non conformity and who all can find these??
surveyor:- Barik n one old person(baldy).
i was d last candidate for that day...
old person only took my oral..barik asked me last question..
old fellow..
1.on which engine you have worked?
i told my engine name..then he asked me what do u know about sulzer,rta,mc..
i just told sir il study..
he said u must know about other engines.?.
2.indicator dia? name d card..i told d name then he asked me have u seen light spring card onboard ship..i said no..
3.which card do u take first?.i said comression card..then he gone asking details about cards..
4.power balancing? what is use of that?
what are the main factor which affect power wil u say engine is not balanced.
5.cyl lubrication..types of lubrication...main fun of cyl l.o.,properties of cyl l.o.
what is viscosity index?
6.what do v do to keep m/e l.o. in clean condition.
7.t/c surging,main reasons for it..
i said sudden change in load..then he asked me load increase hone se ya decrease hone se..i said over loading of engine.then detail aboup surging...
8.last question asked me by barik
what is function of relay of emergency fire pump?. i cudnt answer it..
he said wait out side..
but that day was mine..
he said ok i have passed you..
aur 4 saab ban gaye..
thanks to this group..really helpful to clear orals...
keep it up.
Attempt no:1

co2 flooding sys. drw n explain? 
possible wayz f releasing co2?
safeties in co2?
y does master v/v alwyz kept shut?
hole in main manifold wt wil happen?
wt r th wayz f discharge f co2? (accidental&intentional)
co2 cabinet alarm ckt diagram draw
wt is reserve buoyancy ?
wt al entries we mke in orb-i every week othr than ows disch nd shore discharge..?
wt is permeability? wt effect it has(lot f cross questions)
why tanker freeboard is less?(lot f cross questions)

indicator diagram, draw n explain?
mep ? hw to calc mep..? hw to calc swept volume??
hw to test flame eye.. draw nd exp working principle,(caught up wit diagram, i jus drwn a photo cell wit a connection he seems not satisfied)
gear pump principle? why preferred fr high viscous liquids?(lot f cross questions)
venturi effect diagram? wch law? (Boyle's law) (lot f cross questions)
y cross head lubrication is nt able to maintained(lot f cross questions)
ref sys lp cut out hp cut out reason. testing...(diagram)

transformer types.. step up n step down.. hw it wrks?
hw to change step up to step down?
y transformer allows only AC y not DC?
reverse powr trip hw tested?
wt is power factor?
hw to improve pf?
wt is th range f power factor?
wt is th max n minimum value f powr factor?
wen chief eng asks yu th pwr factor f a running generator hw wud yu calculate? 

hw to chck wear dwn f piston crown.. draw?(i drew th piston crown wit a template showing wr to chck th clearance... bt not convinced dunno y)
4-s liner removal procedure(lot f cross questions)
how to take compression pressure in 4s?
hw to improve compression pressure wen generator is "RUNNING"?(guys i dun kno any other way.. i told him it could b done only wen generator in stopped condition.. bt he said it can b done.. caught in this question)
connecting rod ovality? why its taken? hw ? hw wil u make sure th ovality is in permissible limit?
connecting rod trueness(i said template methodand rod inside th oil passage, or a thick lead wire he ask me to draw th template-satisfied)

fr every question i wz asked to draw diagram....!! 4 sheets wit diagrms n theories 
he called me up fr results.. he said ur 4b wz satisfactory bt need some more...
finally got fun (3) safety only...!!
quite upsetting result.,. :( :(
7 5 12
3-lifeboat winch safety,new amendments,lowering procedure,distress signal,isps,incinerator sludge tank,IACS,tonnage mark,SAFCON...
4-tailshaft,manoeuvrings diagram,air starting diagram,reversing interlock,running direction interlock,diff bet indicator card and draw card,role of governor,over speed,in which type of ship stabilizers r used why,why ac compressor is belt driven,lo tests acidity determination....
5-accomodation supply 3phase or 1 phase,how 3 phase is converted in 1 phase,basic principal of alternator,brush-less generator,acb,commutator,synchroscope diagram,ex p protection for motor,what is inductor..
6-me decarb,butt clearance,fuel valve ovhl,clearances in turbocharger,why vacuum condensor why not atmospheric condensor in copt system,what is rotor axial movment....
then he said...kya guru kuch bhi padh k nahi aaya...kahase enginnering ki...come next time well prepared

11. HOW IMO approval is given to the incinerator.
14. GRT...NRT...
Orals 3 may belapur 
External don't know
Internal barik

Function 3
Ism code certificates
Sopep date of coming into force
Annex 1 
Annex 5 special area for both under new amendment
Function 4 b
Lub oil system draw
Why boiler doors elliptical
Function 5
Alternator maintanence
Weekly monthly etc
Star delta starter
Function 6
Dg decarb
Why dg not talking load
Liner calibration full procedure with diag
Why calibration taken fwd aft port stbd
Draw Conrod for 2 n 4 stroke showing the stresses at tdc n bdc for both
This is all I remember all the best
N specific gravity of battery water when fully charged!!!
On load n off load test of dg n how n when it is carried out!!!
2nd May Belapur
what is volatile and non volatile compounds?
draw and explain deck seal?
what is IG?
what is the flash point above and below which the IG is not required?
what is COW? why COW is done?
what is ODMCS?
how does ODMCS works?
regulations for cargo tank discharge?
what do u mean by boiler panting?
what do u mean by boiler running in?
COPT alarms and trips?
what is dry and drip type centrifuge?
what is CO2 and Battery room safeties?
How will u hand over the batteries to another person?
hole in bilge line how to find out?
there is a very slight/minute crack in the connecting rod of dg how will u identify it by looking only?
what is over speed trip?
what is reverse power trip?
how is paralleling done?
how is alternator maintenance done?
what is synchro scope?
how is earthing fault is detected on MSB?
what is the regulation for the emergency genrator?
external Mr.DAS
dt-4-may belapur
dead wt,light wt
high velocity vent
foam system
some shipco definitions
isps,ism,marpol annex 6
panting,pounding measure arrangement in construction
engine specification 
wat is super long stroke
compression ratio 
piston ring clearances and how to take it?
alternator specification 
how alternator is cooled 
reverse power trip
msb safeties 
1000hrs ge maintenance
External:badwal I was attend fun 3 and 4b
FUN 3: 
1.tail shaft diagram(key propeller). u fit propeller in shaft(key less propeller). valve diagram,explain and regulations.
4.he ask me some regulation number in marpol and solas.
5.diff between convection and code.
6.what s the use of stabilizer and which type of ship having the stabilizer.
7.he ask abt DPA.
1.manoevuring diagram, in this diagram he ask lot of cross questions.
2.fuel injector diagram, and also same cross questions.
FINALLY I GOT FUN 3 ONLY.......................................
04/05/2012 BELAPUR..

# what is running direction interlock in ME??
#what is blow back in boiler?
#Draw card diagram ( I reffered I.C. engine by wharton, and sketch draw card, he said in wharton it is wrong, i learnt from that book, he said u should use d.k.saniyal for function 4b) he is not satisfied with diagram..
# wear ring in centrifugal pump.
#compression ratio 

Result: not cleared.
MMD Chennai
external: dunno

fn 3:
stiff and tender ships
types of foam used for fire fighting
foam products
free surface effect - explain
pressure in FW mist system
New regulations for NOx emissions
anchor bitter end arrangement

fn 4b & 6:
stern tube seals arrangement
boiler blowback
jacket cooling water system 
a) pH
b) why expansion tank and de-aerator are provided
m/e sulzer rt-flex
what type of injection
how injection timing is controlled
fuel rail pressure
how fuel pumps are actuated
how hydraulic tightenin of studs is done

fn 5:
insulation testing
parallelin of generators
parallelin of gens if synchroscope n lamps not working
what is meant by switchin of poles
how to control speed of a motor
explain how ward-leonard system is controlled

thats bout all i can remember for now..
‎27/04 Mumbai 
Fn 4 and 6

Fn 6:
1. Decarb of ME.
2. O'haul of Exhaust Valve (M.E.)
name the alloys of valve spindle and valve seat
what all measurements are taken.
how to grind tha valve seat, IN CASE found damaged
what gives the indication that Exhaust valve is functioning properly:
3. Crankcase inspection of AE
what all checks
4. Measuring clearances in AE
bottom end clearance and main bearing clearance where are they taken ( where is the filler gauge put in each case).
Belapur MMD,
Internal: Wankhede, External : G.L. saini.

Wat is diffr. in contruction of container and bulk carrier?
Wat is ISPS, levels, wat is ur duty as fourth engineer in level 3 scurity level.
Emergency fire p/p, how capacity is decided?
Wat is vent head,types and differences?
Wat is MOB, How it is diffrent from normal lifebouy, (Not interested in smoke signal and light) he ask except this any diff??
Y easing gear given. If set pr on safety v/v is 10 bar, when will u operate easing gear @ 10 bar, below or above ??

Reversing of engine
type of camshaft (positive or negative type) don't knw d ans...
what is d regulation for air bottles capacity for reversing engine
how u calculate the capacity of air bottle?? guys pls ans it..
while giving starting air, in how many cylinders air go in to??
types of crank shaft, construction?
what is overlapping period?

what r d maintenance carry out in alternator.
what r d trips provided in generator and alternator, 
how u simulate preferential trip, overspeed trip, lo LOW PR TRIP, jcw HIGH TEMP TRIP ?
how u check air gap in alternator.
how u calculate total current flowing in p/p motor..manually??
megger test, 
and x qustions on above..


centrifugal p/p o'hauling and inspection,
how will u check trueness of shaft
air compressor total o'hauling,
How will u charge gas in in fridge compr.
How will u charge oil in A\c compr.
c/case inspection, only main points,
if crank shaft is twisted, is there any mark on crank shaft.

guys internal was not interested in listening of data and values of safeties, he just want a safety kind attitude..maxm questions of safety end where he asks why dis why not dat...etc

got MEP and ELEX.
bhadwal/ das..............

1.scavenging systems with piston positions at tdc and bdc..............
2.starting air line daigram showing STARTING LEVER,,,,,importantly to explain working of the latter,,,,
didnt answer..oral finished....
0th April 2012 - MMD Chennai - MEO Class IV orals

Function 3 - Safety and Ship Construction

1. Main constructional difference of Ro-Ro ships and why is it so
2. Safety Features of Ro-Ro ships
3. What is keel strake
4. What is the strake adjacent to the keel strake
5. What is sheer strake
6. What is Freeboard
7. What is a torsion box and what is its function
8. What is bilge strake
9. What is a bilge keel and its purpose
10. What is cell arrangement with reference to container ships
11. What is free surface effect
12. Expand SOLAS
13. How many chapters are there in SOLAS
14. What is chapter IX of SOLAS and name the Code that supplements it
15. Expand MARPOL
16. List the Annexes of MARPOL
17. Discharge criteria of machinery space bilges
18. What is the certificate provided to the ship with regards to ISM
19. What is an Oil Record Book
20. List the entries in the Oil Record Book
21. What checks will you perform for an enclosed space entry

Function 4b - Engineering Knowledge (Motor & General)

1. What are the mountings on a Boiler
2. With reference to MAN B&W ME engines:
a. List the mountings on the Cylinder Head
b. What is the arrangement for relieving the pressure since there is no cylinder relief valve
c. Explain how reversing takes place
d. What is FIVA valve and explain its operation and significance
e. Actions to be taken to cut out a unit with reference to the hydraulic block
f. What is the Servo rail pressure supplied to the Cylinder block
g. Where is the crank angle sensor fitted and how many are there
h. What is the fuel oil consumption per day for your engine
3. What is a stuffing box and explain its construction
4. Is there a relief arrangement in the starting air valve and where is it located
5. What is a starting air line explosion and how does oil accumulate in the starting air line
6. What is a bursting disc with reference to a main air compressor
7. What is the purpose of a thermostatic expansion valve
8. How many piston rings are there in a main engine piston and what is the difference between the rings used
9. What is the purpose of an oil mist detector fitted to the crankcase

Function 5 - Marine Electro Techonology

1. What is a Megger
2. What value of insulation resistance is considered satisfactory
3. What actions will you take to improve the insulation resistance of a motor without dismantling it
4. What is a reverse power trip and why is it provided
5. Under what circumstance will there be a reverse power
6. Is there a reverse power during paralleling
7. What are the conditions that are to be checked before paralleling a generetor
8. How will you check if the incoming generator and the main bus bar are in phase
9. What is the purpose of preferretial trips
10. What is the need of a Star-Delta starter and explain its operation
11. What are the check you will perform on batteries.

Function 6 - Marine Engineering Practice

1. What are the checks you will carry out on a dismantled centrifugal pump
2. How will you check the pump shaft trueness
3. What is the procedure for taking tappet clearance
4. What is the clearance on the inlet and exhaust valves

Thats all i remember for now......

I cleared Function 3 and 4b... ;)
‎27-04 surveyor - wankhede 
1.difference between ac compressor and air compressor crankcase design and its venting arrangement ?- ans- i said abt mechanical seal for sealin for ac comp crankcase and air compressor has breather but i was nt sure abt ac compr ventin...i said it does nt hav ny ...he didnt satisfied

2.what is the diffrence between fuel oil tank and ballast tank venting system?? ans -i said fuel oil tank has flame screens bt wasnt sure abt ballast watr tanks ....i said it may hav high vel ventin v/v....he said ...kya yaar kuch padhke nahi aaya

3.generator lubricating oil system ? i answerd

5.diode and zener diode
got elect.
CBD BELAPUR 30/04/2012
SURVEYORS :- internal - DAS ,,,, external- BADWAL


CBD BELAPUR 01/05/2012..

propeller shaft,how propeller is fitted to the shaft,diagram of shafting from engine till propeller,plimsoll marking,thrust bearing,ISM,how will you visibly make sure your ship is marpol annex 6 compliant(dont say certificates...he dsnt want dat...i said low sulphur tanks for seca,incinerator burning criterias fulfilled,,,etc), liferaft launching,HRU....

M/E decarb,A/E safeties,alternator maintenance,overspeed trip simulation,boiler safeties,air compressor safeties.

single phasing,its effects,protection....MSB safeties,primary and secondary cells,Insulated earthed systems and lots of cross uestioning...

bilge pump,,,,why fire pump is centrifugal pump,,,,,types of thread gauges,,,position of piston during tappet clearence and how do u ensure the piston is at TDC for firing for taking tappet...

going by the magnitude of questions,,it went well according to me....was hoping for atleast two.....dissapointed..oly 4b....
oral:- function 3,4b,6
external:- MUJUMDAR SIR
what maintenance u did,
wat is SFC, how it is calculated, 
types of scavenging,timing diagram of uniflow n loop,
wat is tappet clearance, how it is calculated,
C/C,bilges, scavenge space, fo pipes.
wat work is carried out only in drydock. MY SHIP WAS UNDER D/D
inspection of rudder, what is bearing n locking pintles, wat is position,
maintenance of propeller, wat is rudder drop,propeller drop, how it is cheked,
wat is stern tube, types of seals, how propeller is supported, HE ASKED M 2 TELL EVERYTHING ABUT STERN TUBE,
MAINTENANCE OF Main sea water p/p, all points regarding maintenance, inspection, of impeller, shaft, casing, wear ring, seal,
MAINTENANCE ON A/E;-pressure testing of cylinder head n why, valve lapping, which paste u'l use, c/s deflection.
criteria of C/C relief door,
IGS, IGGS, difference between them, regulation of having it i.e. which ship wil hav IGS,

INTERNAL ASKD:- d u no BDN, wat u'l check in it, i told SULPHER content,then he asked can it b 0 %, i said yes, but not possible, he asked wat r its effect, i told abut SOX, acid rain, then he satisfied,
types of free board,
MARPOL annexes 

Monday, 30/04/2012......Belapur MMD, Fun.-3

1. Types of life boat?
2. L/B content for ur survival.
3. What is seaworthiness,?
4. Hw u will make ur ship more seaworthy.?
5. What is corrogated bulkheads.? Whr u will find on ship structure?
6. Types of FFFS on board ship.
6. Explain Deck foam FFS.
7. What type of Foam u r using for Deck FFFS.
8. How to attract the ship during ur survival in L/B?
9. Hw many types of pyrotechnics in L/B..?
10. What is mean by single acting, direct reverssible? etc.......

Finally I got cleared my all orals....

I'm highly obliged to all face book frnds for ur kind support.....Thnks a lot all of U?
nd warm thnks to this communinity "MEO CLASS 4 pREPATORY ORAL QUESTION"
Jst carry on frnd.
mukherji and dutta: 26th april mumbai function 4b
1. type of engine and elaborate.mine was 7rta 84t..
2.what is rta?
3.what is difference between rnd and rta?
4.what is specific about rta compared to rnd if at all there is some?
5.which type of cooling for piston draw.?
crosshead lubrication,at what pressure and how?
6.what is the type of bearing used for crosshead and its shape?..
7.y it is circular and gets the contour ?
8.which type of fuel pump? will you set opening and termination pressure?
9.what is bunker note its contents?
10.camshaft..reversing..n other shits..
11.vit..vec..?? will u take over watch on motor ship?
13.under what circumstances u will not take over? will you hand over watch on motor ship?
15. under what circumstances you will not handover?......
....gruelling one hour of bigbang theory ended..on a light wanted to know if i was related to madhuri dixit in any ways?...and some short stories about his frnd..shiv shankar dixit....all the best !!!
mmd vizag

fun 3
solas chapter ix
charectistics of dcp... with construction size weight and working
fixed foam quantity..operation?
diff betn foam for deck/engine
diff between container/tanker
why freeboard less in tanker
wat is permeability
angle of loll
free surface effect?
stiff/tender vessel
relate angle of loll-fse-tender vessel
deadweight nrt grt displacemnt
pv valve and pv breaker? working principle, when and why?

fun 4b
refr compressor ovrload protection
air bottle safeties
why is air bottle cylindrical
double banking of boiler?
why is boiler cylindrical?
why is manhole eliptical?
purifier working/desludging?
steering gear.. meachanism for overload?
hw to chck trueness of connecting rod
rt flex fuel injection??
wt oil in control system?
which engine better sulzer/ man b&w...why?
wht mechanism provided on cylinder head to relieve pressure?
why not on generator?
wht is pinching screw?? where fit?
cylinder lubr oper in rtflex?? why two levels in rtflex...but one level in rta and mc
intrinsically safe...explosion proof? difference and application
constructional diff betn boiler feed pump and circulating pp?

fun 5
squirrel cage induction motor?
types of starters
principle and delta and auto transformer starter
open circuit, short circuit, earth fault, single phasing.. wt, how, why? 
production to lighting circuit voltage conv
principle of transformer
types of transformer
losses in transformer
working of transformer without load?
how is a battery rated?
wht electrolyte used?
how will u know if a battery can be reused or not?
type of battery?
charging of battery?
working of tubelight... once starter is out hw is connection maintained?

genie cc inspct
fo tank opening and prep fr inspection??
types of bearing?
difference betn ball brg and roller brg?
centrifugal pp overhaul?
hw to fit a bearing in shaft/ casing?
fo hot filter...changeover procedure
working of crankcase relief door? why wire mesh is wet?

and plenty more... this is wt i rembr... towards then end my mouth started getting dry and that is wen i realised tht ive been a long time inside the room
26/04/12...belapur...first attempt
some typical questions....

1)draw the diagram of torsional box (internal arrangement) used on container ship
2)complete overhaul of splitted type centrifugal pump
3)how to measure ovality of a connecting rod and the type of damage that can happen if ovality reading goes beyond the limit?
4)draw cross curve of stability and explain it

rest were normal fn 5............
26/04/12...belapur...first attempt
some typical questions....

1)draw the diagram of torsional box (internal arrangement) used on container ship
2)complete overhaul of splitted type centrifugal pump
3)how to measure ovality of a connecting rod and the type of damage that can happen if ovality reading goes beyond the limit?
4)draw cross curve of stability and explain it

rest were normal fn 5............
cochin viva

i am posting only dangerous questions

1.correct definition of displacement as in solas...he wants the exact word by word definition in solas.
2.wat is the nominal tightening torque of M16 bolt? wil we make sure that the propeller wont slip the propeller shaft in keyless propeller.he asked me to draw..which i drew in a dirty way...;)
4.wer is the metacentre in a sunken ship or a sinking ship..(i bluffed it coincides with the centre of gravity)
5.wats the pressure setting of a pv breaker and a pv valve...he needs the values..
6.difference between pressure gauge in ac plant and normal air compressor..

viva lasted only 15 min..i answered most of the questions but he said to attend mep again..sayed am missing something in i need to learn that "missing" things...;)
27/4 mumabi mmd fn-3 and 6
examiner barik external i don't know 
1-why ur doing crank case inspection ?
2-checks during crank case inspection ?
3- where u take main bearing clearance and big end bearing clearance ? 
4- type of welding ?
5- draw a butt and lap welding ?
6-deference between gas cutting and gas welding?
7- draw and explain welding defects ?
8- types of work done on late machine ?tell all the tools used of all different- different operations?

1- what is special oil tanker life boat ?
2- what is the use of sprinkler system in life boat ? tell every thing about sprinkler system ?
3-wt certificate and document u carry under annex-1 
4- how many annex ? don't say more then six
5-during bunkering taking oil sample under which annex ?
6-what is special in water tight bulkhead ?
7- what is the deference between water tight bulk head and other bulk head ?
8- automatic launch life boat and how to launch that life boat and what is special in that type of life boat ?
9 - how many category of chemical in annex- 2?
10 - SMPEP under which annex ?

with is help of this grp i clr f-6 that grp rockssssssssssssssssssssss
‎27/04 - Mumbai MMD - Fn 3
Garbord Strake, Sheer Strake - which is thicker
Tanker Freeboard 
Duct keel - sketch also
What all things are controlled by Marpol Annex 6 and how (fo quality control, VOC, incinerator, SOx Nox)
What is VOC
Definitions - GRT, NRT, Cargo Carrying capacity, Camber, Flare
‎26th april chennai..external: nt sure

function 3

garboard strake
sheer strake
which of these two are thicker
free surface effect n what preventive measures
duct keel
all marpol annexes names
annex 1 machinery space bilge requirements
cargo space requirements
garbage management plan ( in depth)..does it include incinerator waste also?


piston crown inspection
crankcase inspection ( wanted the exact routine)
purifier working prinicple
converting purifier to clarifier
gravity disc nomogram details
me foundation bolts tightness checkin


brushless alternator
single phasing , causes and effects
megger insulation testing
main switch brd safeties
checking and tracing earth faults


centrifugal pump overhaul
power balancing of engine
lathe machines safeties
a/e cylinder head overhaul
cargo hold bilge pump nt taking suction ( probable causes)
types of twist locks onboard ( btr not to say abt the automatic ones which are there nww

they jus want answers to the point..the end result is mre of luck..
26th march
surveyor-mr das(internal) 
external -unkown
mr das dint ask anything but was in a mood of passing....
1.ig system block dia
2.shafting system (m/e to propeller)
3.markings on liferaft/lifeboat
8.diagram showing on gm gz km
thats all
and then he passed me...
thank you
Surv-wankhade[int) .ext dont

Type of ship worked on n engine
VIT description hw it works?
Type of fuel pump on ur ship n
hw vit works with it?
Type of fuel pump on sulzer
engine ?
centrifugal pump working
explain interms of bernolis n
continuity eqn?
Difference between trunk piston
& cross head engine hw piston
cooling is achieved in both? Types of scavenging explain each?
Hw is Purifier ref comp air com p
drive n associated safties?
Tumble home?
transverse section off bulk
carrier ?
Difference between watertight
doors under water n above
slope tank capacity?
stp REGULATION with disch.
Criteria ?
Co2 room weekly inspection? Lot
of cross questions on every ques
thts all I rmbr
26:03:2012 MMD KOLKATA
internal: sinha
external: rk das

safety in windlass
rudder plugs and its use
regulation for collision blkhd
tell abt marpol and annxs
keyless propeller and its advntge against keyed propeller

excessive liner lubrication in main engine
lubrication system in main engine
turbocharger performance wen Exhaust gas boiler BYPASS valve is open..(if fitted)
safety in intercoolers of aircompressr
equalising line in refg
surveyor vankhade external dont knw date:28-03-2012
cleared Fn 4b,5,6
Que)Reserve buoyancy
co2 fixed fire fighting system n routine maintenance
Gusset fitting,margin line
precaution before entering co2 room
emergency fire p/p regulations
regulations for boiler safety valve
cargo residue discharge criteria
capacity of slope tank on ur ship
what is slope tank
crankcase inspection
function of air cooler
exhaust valve spring air
purifier overflow causes and remedies
annex 4,reverse osmosis why inlet prresure is around 60 bar
precautions to be taken while lifting piston from cyl 
bilge p/p suction loss causes
type of scavenging as per ur ship n types
why uniflow scavenging is better
prtective coating over exh v/v seat n v/v face,its composition
what happens when liner n piston are made of same material
what is zener diode
routine maintenance on motor
A/E overhauling procedure
air compresser high temp trip reasons
26 march....
Internal-Das,,,External-dnt kow,,,,,

Ism code,,,,,
how to apply for ism code....
inclining experiment full with diagram nd formulae derivation....
inert gas composition...
safties in inert gas system...
when ship is sinking,at dat time,hw the life raft will get automatically inflated....
flammability diagram....
result - passed.........
thanks to allll..............
1.what are codes and conventions??
2.except fire plan what are other different plans are there??
3.what is MOB marker??
4.sewage holding tanks regulations??
5.safeties provided on cargo pumps?? main line fittings??
2.what is hydrogen fire??
3.why acetylene bottles be used in upright position??
4.why sand box provided on boiler flat?? features on fire main line
6.isolation valves on fire main line??
1.what is meant by phase in AC??
3.what is under voltage protecton??
4.what is the meaning of power factor???and benifite of improving same??
5.why motor rating in KW and transformer and alternator in KVA??
6.what is neutral??and difference between neutral and earth??
7.why special lighting used in batery room??
26 march..
Barik n external
Function 4b n 6:

Framo system
Use of boiler steam, steam traps, 
Surging in t/c,
Temperature of steam in boiler,
Pneumatic manuvering system,
Control air,
Nuts n bolts with specifications,
Ball to order them,
What's 6207,
Centrifugal pump shaft trueness,

Got 4b
orals on 15 march
external badwal. internal -some one new 
fun 3
1-new amendment for co2 flodding- i told him
2-master v/v is a screw down v/v then how will u open it from remote position from control box for co2 system
3-if a life boat is made for 40 persons .then acording to new amendment dose the capacity will increase or decrease
4-limit swith and it purpes in lovering of life boat
5-what is the speed of lowering the life boat and how it is controled
6-he asked me draw proper diagram of tail shaft in which the difference of dimention can be observed
7-how is torque from propeller is trasverd to shaft in key and key less propeller
8-how is rudder conected to carrier 
9-what is the informetion availebal in stability manual
10-what is gm and give me its mathamatical equation
26 mar
internal das 
fun 3,4,5
annex 4
what is marpol

where is camshaft
working of camshaft
reason for purifier ovflow
air compressor

what is diode
transformer where it is use
remembered only dis much right now

got 4b
Asked by Paul in cochin
What is temp?
What is pressure?
What is psi?
How to convert celcius to fahrenheit?
These questions in function 4b 
He failed me
for safety function 3...........1.ism,isps..2.all annexures ...3. ballast water management....4.emergency fire pump regulations....5. life saving appliances in engine room....6. statutary certificates onboard....7.portable fire extinguisher....8. ig system alarm and trips...9.co2 flooding system in engine room ...10. pump room entry procedure...11.sopep ,iopp certificate explain....12.deck seal purpose .....13.dcp extinguisher maintanenace....14.lifeboat and life raft lowering procedure......15.bunker delivery note.......................all dis r tambwekars favourite questions in safety .....CHECK OUT GUYS .....all d best
Mmd mumbai..
Bulbs Bow cnstr.. Advantages, permiyability formula to explain (derivation), bow thruster, forward construction of ship,
Electrical TF, types,working principle,can be used either way???
How alternator gives electicity at the starting of alternator (residual magnetism) , is it usefulfor all kind of materials???
Fower factor?,what is the use of it, how ll you measure PF without using PF meter. Efect of leading, lagging PF?
Type of ship,loding discharging arrangements discribe..? DWT of ship? How thrust tranmited to hull?
Marpol annexes, why annexes are there.,, types of bulkheds, construction of fore peak tank, 
Stuffing box,construction, why it is there, parts of it, overhaul, inspections.
Procedure to overhaul stuffing box after giving finish with engine,
Types of LO,greases, why so many types,
diff. Bwn stuffing box drain n scavenge drain, if stuffing box drain tk filling so fast what cud b the reason?
Interlocks on me.
Hyd jack, how it works?
ll update more....
My own idea,, they need engineers talk... No matter you are giving wrong answer
Cleared all 4 orals in first attempt
Thank you all!!!!!
mmd mumbai...

wat is dwt, net tonnage, gross tonnage....explain all...
stress in ship...(start with there are 2 types, dynamic and static n so on)
protection for pounding, panting....
annex 4 details...
annex 1 details....
fire fighting equipments....
hypermist system in detail....

what is welding...
types of welding....
working of dc and ac welding.....he went in the details for about half n hour till i gave up answering...
compressor safeties....
why relief valve on hp and lp side?
why on hp side if relief valve on air bottle....
steam system on my ship....
what all equipments specifically on steam line....(lagging on lines, traps,condenser,drains. wanted something more but could not answer so he left it )
why drains???
why traps...working...
main engine working in detail....working of each equipment....
aux engine overhaul in detail....
why is piston ring used...clearance??
how are they measured??
why butt clearance ???why not a single whole ring???

why where how is it used????
earth fault..detils..
motor short n what will happen???
if 10amps motor takes 20amps what will trip first?? overload or fuse???
diff between ovrload n ovrcurrent.....
when short circuit how much current flows???

all the answers which i gave had cross questions....
finally cleared met and motor general...
guys cleared all four orals in 1st attempt
surveyor wankhede.external dont know his name..
surveyor wankhade sir
function 3 safety
draw deck seal and explain,
if gas flows back how it prevents,
what r the safety in innert gas system
if in scrubber water high level alarm is not functioning ,what happen
draw co2 system explain
which is the safety valve in co2 system
while entry in co2 room what will u check
locaton of ventilation fan in co2 room
explain fix foam system in tanker
name of the foam
how foam forms in the system
what is forth....

thanks to all my frnds 
at last ,i passed my orals
Mmd mumbai..
surveyor:-khuda ka nek banda
cross section of bulk carrier(a lot of cross ques)
what is freebord?(full on cross ques)

avr purpose n working
ac alternator and dc daynamo
how to parallel two gen 
how to take gen on load
other ques cant remember

vit principal..and how it is instaled 
what connecting rod ovality
how to check ovality
consequent of ovality
ex v/v construction
why ex v/v is not falling on piston
explain how ex v/v closing
4-s ex v/v constructin (wrt to spring arrangement and cotter)
why two inlet v/v is given on 4-s
boiler water test
steering arrangement(ship specific..not which Respected sawant sir told)

thrust block arrangemet
main engine overhauling(he did nt ask the procedure..he seen on my tar book..just asking what u overhaul..i told main bearing ,crank pin bearing,thrust block ,cylindr head,ex valve)

thats all i remember
thanks to this community.. i cleared my two functiotteryn....
date:13th march,, surveyor: avinash kumar and sentil kumar.(i dnt knw exactly name)
function 3
what is GRT and NRT?
oil discharge regulation from machinery space?
free surface effect.
what is laod line.? expalin and draw it?
what is sheer strake??
what is camber?
steering gear regulation,
metacentric height.
etc.. other i could not remember

function 5
what is AVR? and its function, how does it works?
lead acid battery with diagram and function? with full explanation.
what is diode? draw pn junction..
what is semi conductor?
how earth fault occurs? and how we will find it? 
other i cuold not remember/

i gave each and every answer...
only at last question about erth fault, surveyor would like to know why b goes dark..answer is potential difference of circuit....

they gave me function 3 and 5 both.... thanks to u all for updating ur question..
all the best
cbd belapur..surveyor.. Mishra..
1) Marpol Annex V..
2) Deck seal..draw .. show me where the trips and alarms located..
3) Lifeboat lowering procedure..n lots of cross qtns.. where is the painter located..?? is it inside lifeboat or outside..?? why u pass it from top lifeboat is released after it reaches water level..etc etc..
4) Solas chapter IX....wot all reasons are there for your certificates to be invalid..?
5) explain MOB Marker.?
Hey!! Got some Bhadwaal questions for you.. Read on.
1. Propeller shaft ( i'm sure those who've heard of the name bhadwaal aren't surprised!!) 
2. Pilgrim nut arrangement for fitting propeller.
3. How does dead man lever in lifeboat operate. He might ask about centrifugal brake also.
4. Safeties to be followed during bunkering
5. Crankcase inspection
6. Why is de-carb carried out, and what clearances do you check during de-carb?
7. Air start system. He will go on questioning, till you can't answer and look utterly stupid!! He asks how air start signal given and cut off from local control? How air start is cut-off?
8. Draw power card for fuel injected early. 
9. Difference between A.C. Generator and D.C. Generator
10. How is electricity generated?
11. How is accommodation supply given from 440 v widout transformer?
12. Star-Delta Starter
13. Turbine types and cross section of blades? How reduced area between blades achieved when circumference is constant?
14. Draw boiler on ship
15. Boiler water tests performed?
16. Draw safety valve. How does the piston lift help in the spindle lifting? How many safety valves are fitted onto the boiler? Why?
Cleared function 3 and 5. Have to go again for steam, motor and mep. Disappointed..
5th march 2012
goa mmd 
surveyor-tamvekar sir
function 3 
questions are 
1.maintanenace of dcp?
2.water ballast management?
3.statuatory certificates onboard?
4.all annextures? pump regulations and capacity?
and i have cleard my all functions....
4 SAAB now.....
thanks guys its a big contributions frm alll to complete dis journey of 4 saab successfully ...........................
‎7th march 1st to go in for orals
Surveyor..External From ARI delhi name don't know .... internal: Wankhede

Function 3 safety
1.What is IEPP? never heard of it ..could not answer
2.What is SEQ? 
3.What do u know about Annexe VI?(Expecting to tell abotu CO2 as well)
4.Certificates on board....
5.Steering gear regulations... evrything...

Function 4b Motor general
6.Heleshaw pump... where fitted? Pressure.....
7.Refregeration cycle dia.. with pressures.... also charging
8.Turbochargers.. working, bearings, material... diagram, surging action after surging?
kept on asking about turbochargers....

Function 5 MET
9.What is MCB, MCCB, ACB? where all they are used?
10.What type of breakers are mostly used on ship?
11.Emergency generator starting regulations? 
12.Where all were batteries fitted on your ship? type of batteries.... Specific gravity...
13.Draw diagram for single phasing? 
14.Draw cicrcuit diagram for tube light?

Function 6 MEP
15.All about Tappet and tapppet clearence?
16.What type of filter used for sea water? If damaged how to repair or fabricate?
17.Without any instruments in ur hand generator cranckcase inspection...Give me 20 points

Your answers were not up to the mark. come again next time 
Function 4B 
Tambwekar sir

1) properties of cyl lub oil , M/E lub oil , A/E lub oil.
2) four ram steering gear hunting mechanism wid diagram.
3) Bumping clearance 
4) Short cycliing and what all reasons for HP cut out
5) Crankshaft deflection.
6) Air starting line diagram and explanation

Result passed...............
CBD Belapur,Mumbai
Functions Appeared:3,4B,6
Function 3: 1)Draw Midship Section of Oil Tanker and explain in detail with all nomenclature.
2)Explain MARPOL Annexes I to VIII
3)Explain SOLAS Chapters I to XII
4)Explain Fixed FF System onboard your Vessel
5)Why High Expansion Foam is used for E/R and Low Expansion Foam for Deck
6)Where all Portable Foam Applicators are located in E/R?Different kinds of Portable Fire Extinguishers?
7)Sewage Discharge Regulations with Cross Questioning.
8)Garbage Discharge Regulations with Cross Questioning.
9)Why is I.G system used Onboard Tankers.
10)Number of Emergency Fire Pumps?Locations?Why?Regulations?
11).Why is Fire Isolating Valve used onboard Fire Main Line?
12)What is SSMEP and EEDI (Just couldnt answer these two,He was Ok with it as it seems to be some new amendment,Find it out).
13)Pumproom Safeties?
14)Pumproom Maintenance?
15)What is CAS?
16)Safeties in I.G System?Explain the Basic?
17)EPIRB? Full Form and How many Available Onboard?
18)SART?Full Form and How many Available Onboard?
19)Do you carry the above in Life Boat? (Remember EPIRB has a Hydrostatic Unit so it isnt necessary to carry it,That is what he mentioned)

Function 4B and 6:He asked it combined so cannot diffrentiate amongst two.
1)Why is Fuel Oil Purified Onboard? And How?
2)Difference between Purifier and Clarifier?
3)The main Purpose of Boiler Onboard Tankers?
4)What is the duration of Boiler Survey? What is done?
5)After how many years will you carry out Survey of Boiler Mountings?
6)Inspection of Boiler Burner? How will you carry out?
7)Name the different mountings on Boiler and Explain any one of them?
8)What is Boiler Blow Back?
9)What kind of steam is essential to drive the COPT?
10)Impurities caused in Boiler? How? And their Effects?
11)Where is Scum Valve located on the Boiler? Show with a small Sketch?
12)Boiler water Tests Carried out with Values?
13)How to Maintain The Above Values?
14)Safeties on Air Compressor?
15) Is Bursting Disc used in Lieu of Relief Valve? Explain Why? Bursting Disc Properties?
16)Effect of low and high Tappet Clearance?
17)How to check Fuel Pump Timings?
18)How to take Tappet Clearance?
19)How to remove a broken Stud?
20) What kind of Gas is used in cooking at homes? (Name,Chemical Formulae)?
21)Why does the Flame dosent go back to the Cylinder for above? (Only these two questions were asked by Bareek) (Its LPG,Butane.Dosent allow flow back due to Compressed Gas in Cylinder)

Result:Cleared Function 3 and Function 6.He wanted to give me 4B but it seems according to him more reading is necessary.Well this was it,I can suggest if you people are going to Bedekar be prepared for a Long Oral and correct answers as mine lasted More than an Hour.
march 7th belapur cbd
surveyors one old fellow with beard and young black one dont know the names
1.annexe 8 details when coming to force
2.annexe 6 date on which it is ammended
details of annexe 6 he wass not happy with details of marpol regarding annexe 6 he asked about the new gas emission which would be coming i.e co2
3.control of nox emmission 
control of co2 emissions
4.what is pcu which will be there at every petrol bunks what they will be checking he was explaining me about bharat1 bharat 2bharat3 alternative fuels proposed like biofuels solar energy etc and asked hav u heard of all these
5.what all clrnces on piston
why is the their a cut on rings my ans for expansion external said that was a seecondary reason he gave the ans thatcut is given to place the ring over the groove
6. why 2 inlet v/vs two exhaust valves
7.cross section of bulk carrier
8 ballast vent valve dig what is the material of the ball
9.what is VORTEX in purifier i told idont know he told this is the principle behind purifier
after the oral i asked many but did get the ans
after these Q he told me that these arenot choclate questions so wea re giving u a choice in eelectrical to select ur own topic
itold earth faults
he told me to draw
i explained to him earth faults and earth lamp detection method his question was how the excess current flows to the the other 2lamps if ther is afault in one phase indicated by dark lamp
11.if two genrators are running at differernt will they be producing frequency if yes how( pole changing)
12. he told me to draw semiconductor diode and how th current flows
13.draw the cross section of bilge filter 
result washeddd outttt
external surveyor-muralidharan..b readyfor a long viva...

draw transverse section of ur ship,if u draw he will ask questions about each part u draw..
how u derrmine d meta centre
gm-gz curve
rudder & rudder bearings
keyless propellor
stern tube
forward seal & aft seal
watertight bulkhead & standard fire test
reserve buoyancy,admirality cfnt and their significance
foam system& how a proportionator works
construction and operation of co2 system,construction of co2 cylinder head
safeties in copt
launching of lifeboat
marpol annexes,global warming
fire main system
enclosed space entry
pv valve and breaker

fn 4b& fn 6
manoevering diagram
starting & reversing in detail
construction and operation of air distributor
crosshead lub system in detail
crankshaft deflection
construction of crankshaft and thrust bearing
tappet clearance
scavenge fire
valve timing diagram
stuffing box
materials of construction
fuel line
de carb of gen
emgncy gen
centrifugal p/p cross section,overhaul,discharge charatscs
purifier drive mechanism,principle,gravity disc
compressor safeties,cross section & valves
ig system 
hunting lever
boiler safety valve
boiler cross section
fuel injector
short cycling

gen details
brushless alternator
pump room safeties
battery room
reverse trip
switchboard safeties
intrinsically safe equipment
megger and insulation resistance
function 4 b 

1.why crosshead pin is in bigger dia compare to other pins 
2.viscosity index.which oil have more ,c.l.o or system oil,why?
3.ignition delay.why?cetane num, how to determine cetane num of a fuel.
what will happen if using low cetane fuel?
4.bumping clearance how to check?how to adjust?
5.power card , planimeter,formulae for IP.
orals 2nd march belapur
surveyor> Mr. Wankhede and 1 external from Gesco
functions< 4b and 6 combined togedr as it ws 5 o clk in d evening, func 5
1.which is ur fav machinery.explain evryting abt air compressor and refer compressor rite from design materials thermodynamics involved , all pressure diagrams, maintenance from top to bottom with values.evrytin dt u knw,
2.difference between air and refer compressr, regarding thermodynamics
3.piston ring cleareances.
4.why butt is given on ring.y it is not made 1 complete ring.
5.y other cleaarnces are given ship is propelled wt happens in propellar, intercoolers are cleaned.
8.lubrication in compressor how y wr and all the cross questiong regarding it.
9.generator decarb.

wt hav u studied?
draw and explain brushless alternator 
draw and explain working of motor.
in alternator flux is rotating dan how u give direction with fingers
dts all i can remeber
and principal of pyrometer ws asked for many candiates
result: cleared4b and 5
‎2nd March Belapur
Surveyor Mr Das 
Function 3 n 4b

Function 3
1. What do you mean by safety?
2. What is dead mans handle n its functioning during lowering of life boat??
3. What happens while hoisting the life boat what arrangement is provided der???
4. Co2 system diagram, releasing procedure of CO2 system?? Went in much deeper?
5. Co2 room bottle calculation formula and what all things r to be considered while calculation and y?
6. SEEMP and EEDI??
7. Annex 5 and 6??

Function 4b
1. What is MIP and how to calculate it ? derivation of its units...n a long cross questioning over it.???
2. How rooms are cooled by refrigeration system.?? I xplained him the whole system told every thing abt fans, expansion coils, TEV , solenoid valves, capacity controler but dont knw what he wants to listen... He even wents into the basics of superheat and dryness fraction.. explained it to but dont knw what he wants???
3. How cross-head lubrication is done...gain he went into basics abt type of lubrication he even asked abt the directions of force acting over the cross-head brgs???

There were few more of it cant remember rite now....
Guys just pull up ur socks n prepare well for basics......

Got just Function 3....
cbd belapur 
1st march .......surveyor-mahesh Subramaniam 4b
1.Draw main engine diagram and show the lubrication of all bearings 
2.How will u take bumping clearance in compressor , what will u do if clearance is nt proper , what will happen with wrong clearance 
3 How u test the boiler safety valve ,,,,,,,n main safety precaution during test ?
4.what is the working principle of sepration in purifier if the density is more than the density of waterl ?
5.Safties in main engine ?
6.Turbcharger in detail ?
7. what is the use of aircooler in main engine ?
02/03/2012 Cochin
External surveyor...
Func 3
2.Specific gravity f steel(hw does ship float when sp.gravity s more than tat f water).
3.wat s upthrust,rightin lever n moment...(he wanted to knw de concept n nt mere explanation fro de book)
4.Hull corrossion(hw does t take place,wat r de two dissimilar metals leadin to such corrosion,if de propeller s removed ll corrosion stil tak place).
5.wat s semibalanced rudder.
6.Diff bet explosion n flame,flamability range f HC.
7.wat can b de cause fr an explosion in a lng cargo tank.(he wantd to knw de source f heat or spark)
8.EIAPP,NOx n its reduction method onboard ma ship,technical file n wat does t provide.
9.Fire fightin on deck

Func 4B
1.Main engine model n its explanation.(7S70ME-C)
2.M/E reversing.(wat s to b done to reverse de engine direction)
3.Boiler onboard n its diag.whr ll u fit de level guage
4.M/E Fuel pump actuation.
5.Purpose f governor wrt m/e n generator.
6.lamda controller in A/E. wat provision s given in m/e.
7.Hw ll u find if air s in refrig sys.
8.purpose f chokes n types.
9.corrosion protection for coolers.wat protects de tubes if de zinc protects de cover.
10.Expansion arrangement in cooler.In the free end wat moves.
11.Remote indication f boiler water level.

Func 5
1.Jacket cooling controller diag.
2.squirrel cage motor. on a motor.
4.Trips on generator.
5.Motoring concept n wat happens when de reverse power trip activates.
6.location f reverse power trip.

Func 6
1.charging of refrig compressor.color code f air n liquid knob on de refrgirant bottle.
2.Cylinder calibration.
3.hw ll u maintain de boiler water in gud condition.
4.wat precaution ll u tak wid hydrazine.
5.hw s air removed durin warmin up f boiler.

Dont remember rest f de ques in func 5 n 6...hope tis ll b f sum help..n he also asked me de sub f each learn them b4 u appear....gud luck all...



CBD belapur...

qstn frm 29th feb 12 by sharma 
was an easy quiz but slipped in func 3, appeared for ... 3,4b, 6
e was trying to pass me, fortune!!nopes...
lumsom ques from safety regarding tankers...

sour crude and sweet crude
yr transit and hw u discharge oily bilges 
reasons for fire onboard deck on tanker, wt s pyrophoric fire
construcional features regarding pollution prevention in tankers and long kros questing
cow regulations, y u need 
ig regulations y u need 
y v need sbt, cbt, slop tank 
deep tank !
Wat is ODMCS!
dcp location in yr ship, how it fights fire
stringer plate, strakes & types and stealer strake!
transverse frame
panting arrangement
marpol 2,4 & 6, max dis rate (tanks for varun singh for post of 11.1 regulation)
how can u disch cargo bilges...

forgot some questns and mixed quest from mep and motor general

yr engine specification, ten yr auxillary engine, ten yr boiler with type and working pressure 
fuelvalve testing, if crackling sound doesnt comes wat ll u do !! 
suggestions on good combustion 
scavenge fire 
boiler panting, and good combustion sequence, y to purge furnace
scavenge fire precations, procedure to extinguish, should run engine even u ve fire !! and y incresd lub etc kross questioning
expansion arrangement for boiler
and increas priming how ll u chcek 
suggestoins on adv and dis of screw pump
and centrifugal pump 
lub oil test 
location of dcp 

don get carried away by easy question, discussions was deeper then the ques
if yr appering to sharma ji , better be running fast with ur confident answers, e ll stop u in some point, by ticking in his paper, and don give maybe or if with him, tats y i lost safety...
ll update u 4 rest of quest, forgot 
discusion on tis forum was very useful... keep going and discus answ 
below tank u all . 
need a long run for safety ...
lubrication for b&w and sulzer?
y x-hd pump in sulzer and not in b&W?
a/e l.o high temp alarm...ur acion?
cyl head mounting?
a/e main bearing clearance?

fn 5
action on low voltage,low frequency of inc. alt?
what is present between freq. knob and governor?
10kw motor with p.f- .7 and another with .85...which to use and why?
wndg temp high...reason??
transformer in ur ship...type and working??
starter in main s.w pump?

fn 6
gland packing leakage..ur action??
centrifugal pmp disch prs low...reasons?
rudder drop?
ref. comp. starting and stopping?

‎28 feb 
oral function 5 met
internal baarik,external-neti
what is intrinsically safe apparartus?
waht is deck watertight enclosure?
give one exaample of such motor?
what is insulation resistance..
how to measure IR?
on what principle megger works?
principle of multimeter?

okk guys gud luck to all of you
‎27 feb CBD belapur
function 3,5,6
container ship
wankhede & external
what is the location & purpose of torsion box
garbage regulations
propeller drop? how to measure?
stability curve? ( importance of righting lever)
face plate? ( lapping plate)
maintenace on fresh water generator?
how to know the earth fault?
how to know the metal piece is correctly aligned on lathe machine?
why we change con rod bolts in aux generator before its scheduled time?( coz of high speed & fatigue)
cleared all by God's grace & blessings
by ur help . keep updating for others Thank u all . God bless u
‎27 feb 2012,belapur
fun 4b&6
wankhede & bedekar

1) ig system with diagram
maintenace of scrubber,deck seal,ig blower,
and how pressure of line is released and wat is high velocity vent and use.
2) main engine safeties

3) air compr maintenance

4) crankcase inspection and instead of crankcase relief valve can we use brusting 
disc....if not why
5) water tube boiler diagram...and how water flow in boiler (natural circulation)

6)in twin propeller ship what is direction of propellers (same or diff and why)

7) how will u come to know that there is a blow past in air compressor
‎22nd Feb 2012
Surveyor - Wankhede + Mishra
Function - 3

Q1. what is the speciality of Container vessels
A1. i mentioned the Tortion box and got grilled about WHY it was put there OR when we strengthen a ship, by adding a strength,, what exactly are we doing ??.... He finally wanted to hear "to increase the Section Modulus of the Ship" Section modulus, as told by Wankhede sier has something to do with the Moment of inertia or something,, do look it up...

for the tortion box i drew the cross section of the vessel,, so he asked me questions on the construction of the container cargo hold also.. eg. the securing arrangements for the containers while in the hold etc...

Q2. Draw the Cross section of DB tank you have seen,, i drew the Longitudinally framed,,, but forgot to label the Scallops around the bottom (and inner bottom) longitudinals,,, and he asked WHY is scallop this there ??.. He later told me that the Solid floor and the longitudinal are joined by a pressure plate thats welded in place,...

then Mishra sir took the remaining safety Marpol and Solas
Marpol,, i told him complete names of all Annexes,, and no further questions on Marpol
Solas,, how many chapters,, name them,, 
what is there in the 11th chapter,...
including 11.1 and 11.2
in 11.1 - Continuous Synopsis Record, Automatic Identification System, (not sure) Long Range Identification and Tracking...
this is because,, AIS is being implimented in India this year,, in light of Mr. Kassab's actions in 2008.

CO2 weekly checks,..
i told him all simple ones...
but he wanted to hear,, the opening of the CO2 release cabinet door, and activation of the alarms,,.. and i told him only C/E did it during the monthly drill,, he was like this is wrong, on the part of your superiors and stuff.....

then a few things about the CO2 monthly and yearly checks,, which you can easily find in the books,,, thats exactly what i answered....

Result : PASS... :D

Thanks a lot guys....
keep up the good work and keep helping each other out....
Best of luck on your endeavors...

Cheers !!... :D
Date- 23rd feb, 2012
CBD Belapur
External- Bedekar Internal- Barik
Function 3
Attempt- 3rd

1) Cross sectional view of bulk carrier, explain the structure, purpose of upper hopper tank
2) Solas regulations for Bulk carriers
3) duct keel and purpose
4) bilge keel, purpose, location
5) camber definition n purpose
6) what is metacentric height n its significance?
7) ISM code, doc, smc, observation, non conformity, major non conformity
8) what is a statutory certificate and name them..
9) shell expansion plan

Result- Finally Chaar saab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank u guys for all ur valuable support... and best of luck to u all for your exams... cheers!!!!!!!!
Fn 5 Electrical: Vankhede and Mishra. 22/02/2012
-How you parallel gens if synchroscope not working?
-Even after satisfying the conditions of paralelling with bulb methid, the gen does not come on load. Why?
-What is capacitance, reactance and impedance? What is used on ship amongst this?
-What to do if water is spilled on a motor?
-How to avoid an electrical shock?

By the grace of God, cleared class 4 part b. Thx to u all guys..
CBD belapur Surveyor Mishra
1. what are the constructional difference between RO- RO and car carrier...
2. what is weekly routine on co2 floodin system.
3. contents of lifeboat.
4.wht is chapter 11.1 wht are the regulations.
22nd feb belapur surveyor wnkhede and mishra sir.
fun 3 orals . 
q1 solas all chapters and sub points wat in chapter 9 certificates .
q2 tanker safties(pv vlv pv brkr high vlcty vent , ig , constrctn of tanker and so on) 
q3 diff betn ton nd metric tons
q4high expntn foam
q5 pump room regulations as per solas
q6 emergency stations 
q7 wat principle for boiler mechanical gauge glass
q8annex 6 marpol and wat u ll do as an engineer to prevent nox and sox
q9 collision blk hed reqrmnts nd wat diff in normal blkhed nd colsn blk hed.
thank u to all . cleared orals
CBD- Belapur 23rd feb 2012
surveyor barik
function 3
pump room ventilation system?
safeties provided in pumproom?
safeties provided on cargo pumps?
IG system, safeties, diagram ?(he wants to hear that IG system has an interlock with the boiler sootblower)
wat all chks u wl do on EEBD?
chks on HRU?
purpose of SCBA., differenc betwn SCBA nd EEBD?
i cleared, thanx guys 4 sharing helped a lot...this page rocks..\m/
oral on 23/02 at belapur surveyor dnt knw
func 3
solas and marpol chapter and annexes
pump rm ventillation
free surface effect
inclining experiment in detail
func 4b
boiler water treatment
m/e and generator safeties
generator maintenance
tappet clearance
why we blowthru the engine
clearances in piston ring and its effect if increase or decrease
so many cross questioning
oral ws too good bt failed again
am i try fr goa pls post ur valuable feedback
23/02/2012 Mr Barrek.
Fn 6 MEP.
1. tel me the subjects of all 8 semesters of marine engineering course.
2. Difference between AC n DC generators, he said u hv passed fn 5 so u must answer.
3. Draw a fuel injector. Overhaul n testing.
4. Generator unit decarb. Only wat all checks needs to b done.
5. T/C surging reasons n actions.
Result: passed. Thnx guys! Cleared CL-4.
CBD-Belapur Today!!
Surveyor: Barik.
What will u check in Piston during decarb?? How will u take piston ring clearances?? Butt clearance??
How will u take connecting rod ovality?? if the ovality is more what will u do??
What will u check in c/case inspection???
Boiler guage glass blow down procedure???
The questions could not have been more easy... I could not believe my luck when he said " u r still young, read more manuals and come again"!!! Fail!!
‎23-01-2011 CBD Belapur
Funtion 4b 
Surveyor- Barik and one external

1. H.P Fuel pipe metal sheathing and places prone to leaks in the pipe
2. Man B&W gen- piston and connecting rod - diagram
3. A/E Crankcase - inspection
4. stuffing box with diagram
5. types of scavenging

result- PASS
CBD Belapur-Vinod -23-02-2012
Iopp certificates
Garbage regulation
bilge discharging system & can discharge bilge in special areas????
Co2 FF diagram & Outer Dia of Co2 line
angle of Loll
collision bulkhead

crankshaft deflection Of AE
crankcase inspection of M/E
dye penetration test
dismantling of Cyl head Of ME
remaining dont remember .so sorry
cbd belapur date 23-02-2012
surveyor -vinod, external- i don't know name 
attempt 3rd 
function -3 
1.what is ism ?
2.what is the objects of ism 
he actually want to know about ism in general term not is definition term and asking 
lot's of cross question regd ism like who control the ism and all that ..
3.Document issued by ism ?
4.fixed fire fighting system in oil tanker for fighting a fire on deck ? line diagram? 

function -4b
1. A/E piston ring is damage how to know ?
2.A/E not starting with air ?
4.charging procedure of gas in refrigeration system ? to select a gravity disk ? 

function -5 
1. maintenance of alternator ?
2.use of megger ?
3. how to check IR and continuity?
3.causes of insulation damage ?

1.why air compressor is having a staging ?
2. benefits of 2 stage compressor as compare of single stage compressor?
3.boiler cold starting procedure ? 
4. what is compression ratio ? 
5.boiler gauge glass blow down procedure? 
finally cleared function 4b and 5
questions asked by barik, wankhede and mathur together on 06 feb 2012

1. safeties provided on ur ship.
2. wat r the different preferential trips.
3. safety on switch boards.
4. safeties on compressor, boiler and explain them 
5. stresses on ship.
6. function of each part of tube light.
7. draw indicator diagram of 2-stroke engine and explain reason
8. wat is ism code and why it is given.
9. how to test bilge pump.
10. when u test ows and how.
11. draw ur ships outline and explain the design
12. overhaul the altrernator.
13. explain single phasing.
14. crankcase explosion take action.
15. why u inform bridge aqnd chief engineer abu the situation.
pandu kismat teen surveyor ek saath
Goa orals .. Surveyor - Tambekar sir
Function 4B and 6
1. Draw and explain Crankcase relief valve or OMD
2. Draw and explain shafting system
3. Draw fuel line from bunker tank to main engine
4. Precaution taken while bad wheather.
5. poker gauge is used for what
6.action taken in case to boiler low level alarm
7. how to cut joint for seawater pipeline
8. While overhauling centrifugal pump during opening of pump casing top cover one stud broken how u will casing cover
9. poker gauge is used for what.
‎!0/02/2011-surveyor-Mr Bhadwal.
1.Venting arrangement in safety valve,flow of steam thru floating ring
and pressure indication on same,
2lifeboat while lowering through hand,
brake is lower a little den wat wil happen to lifeboat,
3.limit switch is
provided on lifeboat?..and wat wil happen if limit
switch is nt dere.
4.Nodal on turbine?
5propeller key,why key is
5.How d thurst is introduced in d propeller?
6.Synchronous motor and
induction motor?
7.He drew the diagram of ac motor and d.c motor,then he asked for fielding current and den difference?
8Turbine x-section with nozzling
effect(impulse and reaction)
8.How the expansion in turbine
9.starting air how it start frm manoeuvring platform and
which lever u adjust,wat happen to dis lever aftr injection of
fuel..whether it comes back? 
rest he asked his some of his same repeted question(Bow thruster,accomodation supply,fleming right hand rule),..okay i have to take clas1oral,dat's all,i
m passing u in 1,u have to come fr others.
Thats all..
Internal Barik
Fun 6
1. Have u heard abt washer spring in AE?
2. why exhaust valve not falling in cylinder?
3.Overhauling of Rotocap? (arrangement wid diagram)
4.How u will decarbonise the head?
5. What all clearances to take on head and defects?what to do if clearance betn spindle and guide increases? u wil come to knw abt cracks on head?
7.Overhauling of ME Starting Air Valve? and wat all u wil check? How to check spring tension? what is that term called when spring looses tension?
8. Overhauling of AE fuel injectors and tests? how will u come to know that wall is working satisfactorily? how to check the nozzle hole? why the hole get enlarge n wat to do if hole enlarges?
9.from whr u measure propeller drop? how to measure?
10.why AE engine pulse type? (this Qs he asked to atleast 10 people)
(Man more... bt dont remember)

Fun 5. MET
1.safities on switchboard?
2.trips on alternator with value?
3.have u heard abt dashpot? How it works? how to adjust the delay tym?
4. Hav u heard abt temperature class for motors?
5.What is IP? and what was the IP number of ur Alternator?
6.safities on steering gear motor?
7. what wil happen if overload takes place on steering motor?
8. what wil happen if short circuit takes place on steering motor? electrical fire can take place?
10.maintainance of alternator?
(Many more bt dont remember)
ORal 26th june motor
external neti n internal no idea
manouevring explain..
safety in boiler
hp cut out explain
power diagram with all calculations and terms and cross questions
wear ring clearance n effect
cleared oral
Meo Cl IV Orals 25th June 2012, surveyor- int- barik, ext----
Fn 3.
1. name marpol annexes and explain
2. name solas chapters and explain
3. bilge pumping criteria for mc space and cargo space bilges inside and outside special areas.
4. garbage generated from tank washing in tankers, what would you do with it?
5. which annexe does incinerator come under? what substances are not allowed for incineration?
6. is incineration of plastic allowed? what are the criterias for getting the requred approval?
7. how would you ensure that your ship following Annexe 5?
8. what is sole piece?
9. what is garboard strake?
10. DB tank construction with diagram. both transverse and longitudinal framing.
11. Draw plimsoll marking and load line marking showing dimensions.
12. ship moving from sw to fw. change in draught? why?
13. latest regulation regarding ship construction.
14. marpol/solas latest regulations.

Fn 4B.
1. diff between two stroke and four stroke cycles. valve timing diagrams
2. what is supercharging? types of supercharging? 
3. shafting diagram.
4. why is thrust bearing placed near flywheel and not near the propeller to reduce shafting losses?
5. scavenge fire, indications, causes, actions to be taken and how to avoid.
6. 20 points of crank case inspection.
7. what are paramagnetic, dimagnetic and ferromagnetic materials?
8. purifier overflowing, what actions would you take?
9. sewage treatment plant regular maintenance.
10. air compressor safeties.
11. boiler cascade tank construction. action in case of oil detection in cascade tank.
12. ig system diagram, explain.
13. bunkering procedure.
14. manoeuvering diagram for MAN B&W.

Fn. 5. had cleared fn 5 earlier still he asked me.
1. Switchboard safeties.
2. Undervoltage trip and over current trip.
3. alternator maintenance
4. induction motor construction and principle.

Fn. 6.
1. overhauling of centrifugal pump.
2. bilge pump, type. why used.
3. ows, operation.
4. raipd drop in sump level in ME. reasons.
5. Rise in sump level. Reasons.
6. Function of gravity disc in purifier.
7. reasons for deterioration of generator oil.
8. liner cracking. indications, remedies, actions.
9. cylinder head mountings. draw fuel injector and explain.
plzz ans dis one guys...overhauling air compressor???..plzzz
Air Compressor Overhaul should be carried out taking into consideration the S/B'y working satisfactory and the vessel is not underway,Pilotage or in Port.
1.Turn off the C/B,Display tag "Men at Work".
2.Overhaul has to be carried out of the "Suction and Discharge" Valves (Sathe its given in Samant about this)
4.Replacing C/C Oil if required.
5.Checking Bumping clearance.
6.Suction Filter.
7.Condition of Piston,Oil Scraper Ring.
8.Replace Gaskets if necessary.
9.Checking the Relief V/V setting.
10.Finally Testing the Alarms and Trips.
question asked.
fn 3 
loadline marking with all cross quesns..
imo and function.. how rules r implemented. how wil u knw its complying imo?
ism code ? how u knw ur ship is applying ism code.
weak link arrangement.
fire line , isolation valve,connection of emcy fire line to main fire line.
fn4 &6
boiler water treatment
fwg water treartment
scavenge inspection
liner crack how wil u knw
px overhaul how u knw u have assembled correctly without startin
air comp safeties
fw salinity high
fn 5
reduced voltage stating
is alternator earthed. how?
satarters on ship

all the questions came with surprising cross quesns...
got 4b
1st Attempt ... Washout
2nd attempt 25/06/2012 MMD mumbai, Belapur
Surveyor : Don't know... both did not tell name....

Function 3: Safety
ISM, Who controls and give some info about it?
What is Non-Conformity and types of Non-Conformity? Give Example.
MARPOL, Tell all annexes... And Describe Annex 1...
Discharge criteria in special area....
Draw fire main line of your ship....Position of isolation valve and its purpose.
Stresses and strain on ship structure....

Function 4B: Motor & General
Draw C/C relief door explain working and all regulations related to it..
Uniflow and loop scavanging with diagram... System on your ship...
Timing diagram of 2 stroke... why Fuel injected just before TDC... tried to confuse me a lot here..
Refregeration cycle Diagram and describe back pressure valve and how it functions? 
and lots of cross questioning on all above questions .. and trying to create confusion...

Function 5: Electricity
Earthed neutral systems and lots of questions and is it necessary what if not earthed? 
Different trips realted to alternator? Describe function of all and how it wroks....
What machines connected to prefrential trip on your ship? 
Use of Megger, how to use it, show diagram, why we cannot use multimeter?

Function 6: MEP
What all work did you do onboard? told him D/G decarb, pump overhaul..
What type of filter used in bilge line draw and explain arrangement on your vessel?
why arrangement of filter cover is different?
All the checks made on piston during decarb..
Why clearence between piston ring and groove important.. explain with diagram..
How piston of 4/s is lubricated, diagram... 

Cleared function 3,4B,6.....
Electricity he confused me with basics like how ohms law related to earthed systems
and lots of cross questions on megger and multimeter... got confused and got stuck
MMD chennai orals 25/06/2012
external sekar and white hair old fellow with refers his hand book and asks que.. 
Function 3
1, wat is mean by racking?
2, duct keel?
3, sheer strake?
4, free board?
5, minimum summer draught?
6, e/r bilge transfer regulation?
7, co2 fixed fire fighting system regular checks?
8, y fire pump hav priming arrangment?
9? wat check done in fire pump?
10, wr ill u check fire hose pr?

Function 4
1, tbn?
2, scavange inspection?
3, piston ring broken reasons?
4, which TBN value is high in cylinder oil or in crankcase?
5, cylinder head leakage detecting method?
6, cylinder head over haul?
7,wr carbon deposit is more in scavange air side r exhaust side? reason?

Function 6
1, how centrifugal p/p fn?
2, wat rthe p/p in e/r hav priming arrangment?
3, how v/v leakage find in air compressor?
4, wat checks b4 starting air compressor and after starting?

Atlast clear function 4...
Orals questions asked in Chennai MMD 22/06/12
1. wat is stcw and its chapter
2. wat is solas and its chapter
3. marpol annexes and elaborate sewage annexes
4. crankcase inspection
5. NPSH and its graph
6. IMDG code and its annexes
7. general outline in ISPS
8. ISM certificate
9. engine maker and module
10. cylinder lubrication.
11. crosshead lubrication
12. wat maerials in top and bottom end bearing
13. wat is cavitation.
14. types of lubrication
15. wat is the use of mixing column
16. exhaust v/v operation
17. wat is scuffing
18. M/E alarms
19. Types of scavanging
20. No.of tie rod bolt in M/E

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